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Joseph has been writing musicals for nearly 10 years and has a passion for telling a story through music. With each new show, he like to try new things and explore different genres.

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Legends Of Arahma

For years now, the warlord Zoran has dreamed of conquering Arahma - some say she's driven by the betrayal of an old friend, others tell a different tale. Word spreads that a young man named Copernicus Danbury has entered the world of Arahma. He is welcomed by the Kalani tribe, who embrace him as one of their own. Rumours reach him concerning his long-lost father, and in his search for answers, he agrees to be trained in combat.

If the prophecy is true, only Copernicus can defeat Zoran in battle and protect a beautiful green world from destruction.

Unfolding Tales

An inspiring true story of war, friendship and courage, inspired by the life of author J.R.R. Tolkien.

Music, Lyrics & Book by Joseph Purdue

''Every song is a showstopper... it screams for a bigger stage and beautiful sets to strike a balance with the grandiose music.''

- West End Wilma

''The music from Unfolding Tales is phenomenal and stirring. We are so thirsty for new musical theatre and this, musically ticks the boxes.''
- Pocket Size Theatre

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