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Catfish is a contemporary new musical. Following the lives of four best friends, DD, Jackson, Will and Alex.


After Will and Alex debate about what is most effective, old or new school romance, Jackson is convinced by Will and joins a new dating App, 'Anonymous'. 'Anonymous' is a thrilling online dating space that doesn't require profile photos, but instead uses avatars in a new modern feature. Jackson is instantly matched with the no nonsense, extraverted, openly out and proud lesbian, Jessica. After instant chemistry, he soon realises that Jessica believes he is a girl, confirmed by a mistake he has made on the gender settings of his profile. For a moment, he contemplates clearing this up, but then he decides to become a new persona, known to us only as Girl #1, where he or she will do anything to become the girl that Jessica loves - including isolating unaware friends.

Catfish explores the highs and lows of modern day dating.

Music by Joseph Purdue & Willy Mukendi
Book by Willy Mukendi

★★★★ ''As first impressions go, Catfish has a lot going for it and has a lot of potential. The quality of the songs speak for themselves and trying to fill in the gaps of the plot has piqued my interest. With relatable themes, the show feels incredibly relevant for these current times. In terms of this concert production, the brilliant talent breathed new life into the songs and has me, and I'm sure so many others, excited to see what is next for this show.''

- All That Dazzles

★★★★ ''An excellent new contemporary musical theatre score that shows real promise and demands a full outing for the show. While we wait for that inevitable debut production, I can’t help but feel this concert was something of a Catfish in itself and that some of the yet to be performed scenes and dialogue contain further twists and mysteries that the show has yet to reveal to us. I look forward to finding out.''

- Mickey Jo Theatre


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