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Joseph Purdue is a composer and lyricist from the United Kingdom. He has written music and lyrics for three original musicals, 'Legends Of Arahma', 'Catfish' and 'Unfolding Tales'. His works have been performed multiple times in London and have featured many West End stars. Legends of Arahma will feature as one of four musical in a new American TV series, 'Opening Night America'. Click here to find out more.

Joseph has also worked as a freelance arranger and audio producer. Last year, he wrote chords, vocal harmonies and created orchestrations for the new eco-musical 'Treeson', as well as producing the concept album. 

Joseph has also composed for many short films and hopes to transition into full length features in the future. His passion for film scores has certainly found its way into his stage work, which is most evident in Legends Of Arahma. After completing a first draft of this score, he sent a few samples to Stephen Schwartz, who enjoyed the music and kindly offered to meet with him to give advice on the 'craft' of writing lyrics. It was an invaluable experience for the young composer. 

Most recently, he worked as a co-orchestrator for the exciting new musical, 'For Tonight', for which he also produced the concept album.

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