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A Tale Of Fellowship is a true story about four young creatives, who hope to combine their artistic talents to bring positive change to the world.

Following the sudden death of his mother, a young, orphaned J.R.R. Tolkien finds solace at King Edwards school, where he meets three likeminded students. As their friendship grows, the idea of an official club is pitch – a club where the four of them can pursue their artistic dreams together. Despite heavy disapproval from their parents and guardians, a fellowship is born.

However, their courage is put to the test with the outbreak of World War 1. Each member of the group enlists and Tolkien has to say goodbye, not only to his fellowship, but to Edith, the love of his love. 

The four boys continue to share their work through a series of letters and drawings, uplifting each other through their darkest hour. It's here the first stories of Middle Earth are created. Can the fellowship endure the horrors of war, and if so, what will remain of their dreams?

★★★★ ''The music at times reminded me of shows like “Hunchback of Notre Dame” or “Prince of Egypt” – with the same kind of grand feel... It’s a must-see, as precious as the One Ring.''

- West End Evenings

★★★★ ''This production’s strengths are its incredible songs, which rival the famous LOTR trilogy in their complexity and uplifting sincerity. I truly hope they release a soundtrack as they were hauntingly beautiful...I could see this show becoming a classic performed in the Barbican or Royal Albert Hall. This is a fabulous beginning and I hope this show becomes as famous and beloved as its source material.''

- Theatre And Tonic

★★★★ ''The lyrics breathe life into the characters' emotions, forging a genuine connection between the audience and their struggles and aspirations...It is a show that speaks to the heart, affirming us that even in "dark, dark times”, we have the resilience to overcome them. This is a promising show, full of heart, and I can't wait to see those dreams become a reality.  ''

- London Theatre Reviews

★★★★ ''Every song is a showstopper... it screams for a bigger stage and beautiful sets to strike a balance with the grandiose music.''


- West End Wilma

★★★★ ''The music from A Tale of Fellowship is phenomenal and stirring. We are so thirsty for new musical theatre and this, musically ticks the boxes.''


- Pocket Size Theatre



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