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A tale of four young visionaries, trying to fulfil a shared dream, against all odds.

In the library of King Edwards School, Birmingham, four young and talented creative artists form a new fellowship. The group is made up of artist Robert Gilson, composer Christopher Wiseman, poet G.B. Smith, and writer/linguist J.R.R. Tolkien. Together, they would combine their talents, with the hope that some day, their creations would change the world.


Suddenly, the four boys find themselves divided by The Great War. Hoping to keep their fellowship alive, they share ideas through a series of letters. Deep in the trenches of France, J.R.R. Tolkien continued work on his mythology, creating languages, maps and poems. However, the unimaginable loss of life on the first day of the Somme, threw into sharpe relief the horror of battle. And if they are to survive, would they retain the spirit they once shared, to fulfil their dreams?

Music, Lyrics & Book by Joseph Purdue




★★★★ ''Every song is a showstopper... it screams for a bigger stage and beautiful sets to strike a balance with the grandiose music.''


- West End Wilma

★★★★ ''The music from Unfolding Tales is phenomenal and stirring. We are so thirsty for new musical theatre and this, musically ticks the boxes.''

- Pocket Size Theatre




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